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Analysis of the five key point

Time:2020-11-30 14:03

If the PCB design is not perfect, it will have different effects on PCB board manufacturers and subsequent parameter debugging. Let's talk about it in detail.

1. The spacing of large area grid is too small, and the edge between the same line of large area grid line is too small (less than 0.3mm). In the process of printed circuit board manufacturing, many broken films are easily attached to the board after the rendering process, resulting in wire breakage.
2. The distance between the large area copper foil and the outer frame is too close. The distance between the large area copper foil and the outer frame should be at least 0.2mm. If the large area copper foil is milled to the copper foil, it is easy to cause the copper foil warping and the solder resist falling off.
3. It is difficult for PCB manufacturers to determine which contour line to take as the criterion because the contour lines are not coincident in keep layer, board layer and top over layer.
4. Uneven graphic design results in uneven coating during graphic electroplating, which affects the quality.
5. If the special-shaped hole is too short, the length / width of the special-shaped hole should be no less than 2:1, and the width should be more than 1.0 mm. Otherwise, the drilling machine is easy to break when processing the special-shaped hole, resulting in processing difficulties and increasing the cost.
When designing, pay attention to the above five points, will be of great help to PCB board manufacturers, reduce many difficulties. I hope that you will consider the difficulty of some subsequent processes when designing, so as to improve the qualification rate.